Jun 21

Fireworks Beyond the 4th of July

The word fireworks evokes memories of the midst of summer—hot sun’s glare, smoke in the air from hot dogs on the grill, and of course red, white and blue décor everywhere. However, Independence Day isn’t the only celebration that calls for the explosives. People are incorporating fireworks to enhance the milestone moments of their own […]

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Jun 13

Dreaming About Fireworks?

Have a Fireworks Dream? Here’s What it Means Dreams are reflections of unconscious thoughts and feelings. By paying attention to the symbols you dream of, you stand to gain a better understanding of yourself. Some even believe dreams reveal a glimpse of something to come. If you’ve had a fireworks dream yet haven’t seen any […]

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Jun 09

Want an Explosive Gender Reveal Party? Add Fireworks!

Is it a boy or girl? This question was once only answered the day the bundle of joy was born. The baby’s parents were the first to know, then they spread the news to their loved ones. Nowadays, parents are disclosing the sex of their unborn child with a gender reveal party. The most common […]

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May 31

Are Fireworks Safe?

Incorporating fireworks in any celebration is a sure way to add excitement and grandeur. Colorful explosions in a night sky- what’s not to love, right? But like most things big and beautiful, fireworks also need a healthy amount of respect. When working with anything that involves gunpowder, fire and other explosives it’s always a good […]

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May 25

Types of Fireworks

Fireworks aren’t just chemical, combustible mixtures that look pretty when they explode— they have long held cultural and historical significance by commemorating important festivals and holidays. Fireworks come in many different forms, and it can be helpful to know which main types work best for specific celebrations. Smoke bombs Once lighted, smoke bombs effectively produce […]

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May 17

Blue Fireworks

Blue is the Hardest Fireworks Color to Create You might have guessed that making fireworks is a complex process, but did you know that not all firework colors are created equal? While reds and oranges are relatively simple for pyrotechnics to create, the primary color blue is particularly difficult. The reason why lies in chemistry. […]

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May 10

Uses of Fireworks Around the World

While fireworks are normally associated with Independence Day in the US, they are used around the world for many different cultural and religious celebrations. Here is a quick look at how other countries use fireworks in their festivals and special occasions. United States It would not be unfair to say that 4th of July celebrations […]

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