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FUN 3 Assortment Kit

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1- Masterclass Assortment

1-#4 Let's Go Assortment


Masterclass Assortment Includes:

1-60 Gram Shell-Grand Jury- 24 Shot

1- High Falutin-49 Shot

1-Hit the Road Jack-49 Shot

1-Current Events-30 Shot

1-Irish Legend-30 Shot

1-Gun Slinger-25 Shots

1-Luck of the Irish

1-Falcon Rising

1-Instant Replay

1-Wild West

1-Bling Bling

1-Magnificent Festival


#4 Let's Go Assortment:

3-6 Shot Artillery Shells

1-100 Shot Saturn Missile

1-25 Shot Missile

1-36 Shot-200 Gram

10 Fountains

1-500 Roll Firecrackers

1- Bees

2-Roman Candles



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